Perfect Practice Plan

For many golfers, finding a groove on the range only to quickly lose it can be frustrating. You’ve hit a bunch of sweet drivers in a row before your tee time, but when it’s time to do it for real, that old pattern rears its ugly head, sending your ball into the trees or worse.

A good groove doesn’t have to be a fleeting thing. Here are three essentials guaranteed to help build a more consistent swing.


In order to improve, you have to understand the concepts you’re working on. Whether it’s through video analysis, radar devices, or basic ball flight recognition skills, if you don’t understand your basic pattern and how to adjust it, you’ll never be able to execute with any type of consistency.

Find an instructor that gives you a clear roadmap you believe in. A good coach takes something that’s inherently complex and makes it both simple and doable. Develop a better understanding of what you’re supposed to do, and you’ll take a massive leap towards fast improvement.


Once you’ve established a plan you understand, it’s time to start hitting balls using your new pattern.  Imagine yourself standing at the bottom rung of a ladder, and each 20 yards is another step you need to take.  Hit the first ball 20, the second 40, the third 60, and so on until your form starts to move towards your new pattern.  Once you hit that breaking point, or rung on the ladder where old results return, head back down until you’re back at the 20 yard step.

There are two reasons why this is important.  First, you’re tasking your brain with something new each time you hit the ball an additional 20 yards.  Secondly, you’ll start to build an awareness as you get to higher speeds as to when your “old” pattern starts to creep in, and when your new positions start to falter.  Do this well and there will be a distinct difference between the “old” and the “new”.


As you’re going up and down the ladder, pick at least 3 different targets and move your focus back and forth between them on the range.  While you’re doing that, make sure you do your drills with at least 3 different clubs, once again to challenge your brain with the new task at hand.  The rule of threes can also easily be used around the greens.  For every target you pick, always try to hit a low, medium, and a high shot to mix it up.

Challenge yourself to make a change to your golf game, and use these tips to create a lasting impression on your ball flight and shotmaking.